Summer’s Peak

Nothing says summer to me quite like sweat dripping off the end of your nose and onto the weeds.  In truth, the sun is receding and fall is on the way, but right now if feels like the peak of summer.  Some of the plants have played out and failed in the heat, some are going strong and some heat loving lollygags like heirloom tomatoes and peppers are just starting to reward you for their care.

And the bugs… well, the bugs know fall is coming.  Your daily harvest may be at its strongest, but so is theirs, whether the plants are their meal or you are.

In my garden, until now I’ve had an easy year, except for the annual plague of Asian tiger mosquitoes.  Now I’m losing 10+ pounds of day of produce to pickleworm and have yet to get a melon thanks to their snacking even though several have come ripe.  Last year, it was squash vine borer.  Next year, no doubt, there will be a different challenge.  However, I suspect the mosquitoes aren’t going anywhere and the repellant that works on me hasn’t been invented yet, unless you include long baggy clothes.

August is just a few days away and we’ve had recent nights in the low 60s, which is almost unheard of for here.  Not a single day over 100F in 2013 yet.  Fortunately we’ve had lots of sun and it’s been warm enough for everything to ripen.  There may be a bumper crop of late tomatoes this fall with these cool nights, but it scarcely feels like summer at all.

Unless the sweat is dripping off my nose, of course.

(By Nicole Castle)


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