Fall doesn’t mean the gardening is over

young beet

young beet

All across the country, and probably much of the northern hemisphere, people are putting their gardens to sleep for the winter.  Some places are too cold to grow anything now, but in much of the US fall is a great time for hearty staples like carrots, turnips, beets, kohlrabi and cabbage.  Peas, lettuce and spinach need cool weather, and collards and kale positively revel in it.

Even with frost fast approaching here, it’s not to late to seed new salad radishes and harvest before the first hard freeze.  Pests and disease are at some of the lowest levels of the year, although I’m sorry to say we have many cool weather weeds to battle.

Don’t forget to include the shoulder season in your garden plans, and if it’s warm enough where you are, you may be able to harvest fresh food all year round.  If this concept is new to you, a great place to start is Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Harvest.

(By Nicole Castle)


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