Winter: It’s not dead out there

IMGP0720 pp

Unknown seed head

Here in the South, winter is gloomy, wet and brown.  Once in a blue moon we will get a little snow that makes a clean blanket covering the brown grass, brown leaves and brown twigs, but then it melts a few hours later.  Yes, brown is a color, too, but a boring one.  A few green things hang on in the garden: spinach, kale, collards, cabbage lettuce, and next year’s garlic, but it’s hard to find much to talk about when it comes to vegetable gardening.  Fortunately, winter is only sleep, not death.  Enjoy these gratuitous photos of the promise of spring, slumbering.


Rabbit tobacco (Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium) seed heads


Japanese maple (Acer Palmatum) “Omurayama”


Next year’s buds


Viburnum macrocephalum


American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) seed head

(By Nicole Castle)


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