RG’s 2014 Resolutions


New beginnings in a hazelnut bud

I am not one who usually does any kind of formal New Year’s resolutions.  I believe that we make choices all through the year, not just in January.  And how many of those January plans come to fruition?  Most are forgotten by February.

But the latter half of 2013 has been a difficult one for me personally.  I have been scattered and unfocused and despite an inordinate amount of time agonizing and thinking I haven’t been able to decide much at all let alone act on it.  2014 is likely to bring huge changes for me, some of which may get chronicled here.  I feel they will ultimately be for the better, but there are no guarantees in this world.

So for once, I think formal resolutions are needed.  My blog resolution list is small, but never fear, I will add to my list as 2014 rolls onward!  (Correction: it seems to have grown while I wrote it.)

  • Brew something.  I have been wanting to try brewing for a long time but there’s always been a reason to put it off.  This year, it’s a priority.  I’ll be sure to share the details.
  • Proofread better the FIRST time EVERY time.  My readers are growing in numbers and they deserve posts which are free of typos and odd words.
  • Spend more time outdoors having fun.  I enjoy working outside, but “outside” is starting to become synonymous with work and chores.  I need to reconnect with what a nice place it is out there when you aren’t dragging along a shovel or a camera.
  • Barter more.  Bartering connects people in a way that cash transactions do not.
  • Start a blog at my other site, Finch Hollow, that profiles plants through four seasons in pictures, with information on their uses and characteristics.  Each plant will be a time consuming task, so expect to see some of that cross-posted over here.

No more posts for a while on intellectually picking apart the future — it’s time to face what 2014 will bring.  See you on the other side!



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