Urban coyote

Coyote on the hunt

Coyote on the hunt

I have sympathy for those with lambs, chickens and outdoor cats, but coyotes are welcome at my house. They are excellent rodent predators, and I can use the help in and around my vegetable garden.

Yesterday I saw a coyote hunting in a field. Although he was quite aware I was watching him, I did not disturb his successful hunt. Then, last evening, I was treated to a rousing coyote song of yips and howls by a nearby pack. Although usually labeled as varmints and unsavory characters, I find much to admire in their incredible survival skills and grace.

Coyote prey is targeted

The prey is targeted

Coyote nabs his prey

He nabs his prey

Coyote lunch

Success: lunchtime

Coyote in field

Checking on his audience


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