North Alabama Planting Calendar

Bean seedlings

I have shared my personal planting calendar with a few local groups, and they have been very enthusiastic, so I am throwing it out to the internet.  There are a couple of caveats:

  • This is North Alabama specific.
  • Don’t take it as the gospel.  Conditions from year to year may vary planting and harvest times considerably.  For example, I couldn’t plant hot weather crops last year until early May, and lost crops that usually overwinter to cold in December.

Without further ado, the link to download the calender is here: North Alabama Planting Calendar


6 thoughts on “North Alabama Planting Calendar

    • Sprouts are beautiful, aren’t they? The irony is I wouldn’t dream of bothering to transplant beans anymore. They do just as well if I poke them in the dirt outside, the lazy gardener way.

      • Haha, it’s not kazy.m they like it better than way. Moving is no fun for us humans; I’m sure it’s equally traumatic for plants. At least they have the chance to decide if they like their conditions before growing. I sew beans, peas, and cucumbers directly all the time.🌱😊

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