Urban Chickens Update (Huntsville, AL)

The Huntsville Hen Alliance is still working toward legalizing chickens in the city limits of Huntsville, AL.  Although there have been major setbacks, the issue is not yet officially dead since it was not voted upon.

If this is an issue near and dear to your heart, please consider attending an organizing meeting March 22, 2014.

We have meeting rooms A & B reserved at the Library’s Main Branch for Saturday 3/22, from 3pm to 5pm. This meeting is all about strategy and how to best educate the public on urban chickens.

For those of you who want to stay involved, this is a great chance to meet like-minded people and bring your best ideas to the table. Where we go from here is up to all of us!

We’ll have a few announcements to make concerning our next best shot at influencing an actual change in policy. I know many of you are in this for the long haul.

Hope to see you there,
Sam Caraway


One thought on “Urban Chickens Update (Huntsville, AL)

  1. I’ve just had to remove my hens, so I have nothing to lose to stand up and fight for hsv hens now! And I have a new city councilman. Is anyone interested in revisiting this now?

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